Krauss Adi 

Living and working in Tel Aviv, Israel



MFA Postgraduate Fine Art Program, 

Hamidrasha, Faculty of the arts,

Beit Berl College

BFA Graduate of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, 2001-05

Specialization in Photography and Digital Imaging

MSO Graduate of Bio-Tech Institute of Tel Aviv, 1999-2000

Specialization in Multimedia

Winner of America-Israel Cultural Foundation Prize for Achievement in Photography, 2007

Exhibitions and Shows


“129 Die in Jet!” – Sam Sebbe Gallery, Jerusalem, March 2006

“129 Die in Jet!” – Photography Department Gallery, Bezalel, Jerusalem, April 2006


“Pause” – Jerusalem Cinematheque, April 2006

“Holon Now” – Digital Art Centre, Holon, May 2006

“Terminal 1” – National BG Airport, July 2006

“Artik 9” – Art Gallery, University of Tel Aviv, July 2007

“Silent Scream” – Z.O.A House, Tel Aviv, October 2007

“Visible 2013” – TBC Gallery, London, December 2013

“Unrelated – Artists support art” project, Tel Aviv, November 2016

“Ithaca” – Oranim Art College, Tivon, January 2017

“4th of July” – Yarkon Gallery, Tel Aviv, July 2019

“What matter wants” – Forum Givon, Tel Aviv, August 2019

Born as a photographer, Adi Krauss has orchestrated a space that
employs different aesthetic languages in order to make us reflect upon
the state of reality we live in, which is, in his eyes, a mix of consumerism
and cultural appropriation. The core of his installation, entitled Biblical,
is a series of trailers of a documentary, set in a call center that sells
biblical Hebrew courses. Next to it, the artist took footage from one of
the trailers, featuring flashing red light, and turn it into a work called
The Sun. Alongside these two works, Krauss has created a concrete
sculpture that transforms the most transient concept ever – that of
end of the season sales – into the most durable object ever: concrete
blocks. Closing this constellation of objects and ideas connected to
each other is a series of photocollages the artist created through the
“random cohabitation” of disparate images occurred on his screen.